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6th June 2018

100 years since some women received the vote, definitely a day to be celebrated and with our events across the UK marching en masse, Lean In Belfast was well represented in Northern Irelands march from the Titanic slipways to the ground of the iconic City Hall.

Rise to the Top with Centered Leadership, At Allstate Offices with Lean In Belfast
26th October 2017

So many women don’t see themselves as leaders. Do you?

Do you have untapped leadership potential and a longing for that to be realised?

Is there something about your professional hopes and aspirations that want your attention?

Using the Centered Leadership model, this session will inspire you to begin your own Centered Leadership journey for greater impact, resilience, and fulfilment at work and in life.

Raise your game at Interviews, at Allstate offices with LEAN IN BELFAST
28th September 2017

Raise your game at interviews

Lean In is all about you achieving your aspirations. Going for a new position may be part of that. By popular demand, our latest session focused on helping you prepare for your next interview.  Two Lean In experts gain advise on how top tips and big "no-no's" when going for the job of your dreams.  Even if you didn't have an interview coming up in the near future this was a chance to help build your confidence, get answers to burning questions and apply personal branding for spectacular results.


1. What's the worst thing you've been in asked an interview?

2. What do you dread most about the interview process?

3. What does a positive interview experience look like?

November 2019 saw Lean In at Danske Bank Belfast delivering a session on Fighting the Bias. 

Sinead Steenson deliverd a fantastic and thought provoking session using the activities from the 50 ways to fight bias education tools.

April saw Our president Rachel Thomas visit us in the last leg on her European four city tour.

In January 2019 Lean In Ireland and Lean In Belfast were lucky to host Sheryl Sanberg at a fireside chat event.

"...really well thought out."  "Brilliant Session." "On Point" "Quality Panel"


For more on our panel read about them in Women in Spotlight

Networking- Givers and Takers, at Allstate offices with LEAN IN BELFAST
25th May 2017
"My network is my Lifeline"  Sinead Steenson

Difficult, Awkward, Icky, Pointless or a waste of time.

Some of the comments people described networking as, we want to change this mindset and gave some pointers on how to do so.

Networks enable you to offer more and have more impact. 

Prof. Heminia Ibarra. Building Effective Networks

Lisa Strutt's advice for networking was to; think about going to a networking event with the view to meeting and making new interesting friends.  Friends in waiting.

Advice on how to start

  • Think of a strategy,

  • Ice breaker opener questions,

  • focus on other topics than work

  • be early to ease yourself into the room

  • bring a friend who can introduce you and vice versa

  • strike up a conversation with someone else on there own, chances are they are looking for someone to talk to as well

  • think of it as fun and who you might meet, you might learn something new today

  • Remember the importance of giving, networking is not a one way street.

Top Tips. 7 practical ways to nurture a strong network

  1. Find out personal likes and dislikes.

  2. Send a personal hand written card/note.

  3. Set up a collaboration with someone in your network  for mutual benefit, e.g. to share resources.

  4. Help a network member expand their network by connecting then to someone they may not otherwise be in a position to connect with.

  5. Arrange a social event around an interest or hobby.

  6. Meet your network at least monthly face to face.

  7. Agree to help each other and be accountable.

Photo Credit: Jim Corr Photography

Personal Brand Identity - Communicating Your Unique Value, at Allstate offices with LEAN IN BELFAST

27th April 2017

Watch our two amazing Directors of Leadership, Training and Development Lisa Strutt and Sinead Steenson deliver a training session on building and communicating you own Personal Brand.

You can also read one of our Lean In members, Claire Savage, comments and takeaways from this session HERE

Know your Strengths, Own your Strengths, at Allstate offices with LEAN IN BELFAST

6th April 2017

Titanic Inspire and Vital Voices Mentoring Walk with Young Enterprise

7th March 2017

Inspiring young women of today Lean In Belfast members supported this event and acted as mentors in the Vital Voices Walk.

ALLSTATE in partnership with LEAN IN BELFAST

26th January 2017

For most organisations, the lack of women in senior roles or with comparable earnings to male counterparts is not the result of conscious discrimination.  Yet equal access to opportunities and career advancements do not exist.  Businesses need to ask why that is the case and consider the impact this imbalance has on the workforce and their bottom line.

Under the banner #ALLtogetherNI, Allstate and Lean In Belfast will work together to address this issue in the NI workplace.  Both companies will work together to develop a programme of monthly events aimed at both supporting and empowering women.  Men will also be encouraged to 'Lean In' and take an active role in addressing gender stereotypes and lack of opportunity for women to advance their careers.

As Northern Ireland's largest IT employer, Allstate are committed to gender diversity,and ensuring a level playing field for both males and females.  Allstate are confident that their partnership with Lean In Belfast will build a much more inclusive and fair workplace for their organisation, and other organisations who wish to be the change they want to see.

Learning to Lean In, at Allstate offices with LEAN IN BELFAST

3rd March 2017

Back to Basics and How to Lean In.

We were given two introductions from our fabulous Directors of Learning, Training  and Development Lisa Strutt and Sinead Steenson.

Through group sessions we discussed what we thought Lean In meant, where we had witnessed it and what we could do to encourage more LEANING INS.

  • Make Sure Women's Ideas Are Heard

  • Challenge The Likeability Penalty

  • Celebrate Women's Accomplishments

  • Encourage Women To Go For It

  • Give Women Direct Feedback

  • Mentor and Sponsor Other Women

Angela Byrne, Senior Manger for Product Technology at Allstate.

Angela is responsible for Core insurance systems with her 100-strong team based across Belfast, Derry, Chicago(USA) and Bangalore (India).  She is also chairperson for the Women in Technology NI network at Allstate.

Angela's technology career spans over two decades, where she has lead global delivery teams , and developed cutting-edge IT solutions in a rapidly evolving industry.

"I became familiar with Lean In through 'Women in Technology at Allstate' network (WITA); in particular the 'circles' concept" she said.  "Partnering with Lean In Belfast seemed like a natural next step to collaborate and work towards our shared vision of addressing gender imbalance.

I would hope that collectively we make a positive contribution to raising gender inequality and the need for diversity in all businesses.  We want to construct a programme that enables women to develop their technology and leaderships skills and encourage them to compete, take risks, and lift each other up on a personal and professional bais.

To me diversity is about enabling men and women to bring their true selves to the workplace, including different perspectives, experiences, and skill sets."

John Healy, Allstate Managing Director.

John has 25 years experience in technology, predominantly in the financial services domain.  He has extensive experience at leading global teams, developing strategy and delivering solutions to address business and technology issues.,

At Allstate John leads a team of 2200 employees.  He believes gender equality is paramount: 

"This partnership is of great significance to Allstate.  As Northern Ireland's largest IT company we are committed to ensuring that we offer a diverse working environment for our employees.

Traditionally a male-dominated industry, the technology sector offers females and males alike exciting career opportunities , expansive room for personal development and growth, as well as the opportunity to earn a competitive salary and t to travel the word.

I believe this new partnership will extend our reach in Northern Ireland, and secure our commitment to encouraging more females into IT"


Photo Credit: Jim Corr Photography