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Lean in Belfast regularly holds events and contributes to local and national debates on gender equality and women in leadership. To date, our press coverage has been extensive. You can read more about us below..

Digital DNA Awards ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ credits the Lean In Belfast and Ireland leaderships teams alongside her in her success.

April 30, 2018

Lean In Belfast calls on male leaders to ‘Mentor Her’. By | Sync NI

March 06, 2018

Lean In Belfast and Allstate celebrate successful partnership. By | Sync NI

November 30, 2017

Who runs the PR World?....Girls most definitely. By | Olivia McAleenan |Ulster PR Student Blog

October 31, 2017

MetLife takes Lean In Ireland on board: Women 'urged to be brave'. By | BizPlus

October 26, 2017

Boden Park coffee shop owner wins first Lean In Belfast scholarship. By | The Editor | The Degree

September 21, 2017

Ladies who Launch comes to Belfast. By | Sync NI

September 19, 2017

Lean In Belfast: One Chapter, Three women, Three Stories. By | SyncNI

August 29, 2017

Inspired | Local Women | By Camila Long | Local Women. Insights, Inspired Column

April 29, 2017

Developing Personal Brand Identities. By | Claire Savage | Claire Savage Editorial

April 27, 2017

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